What Women Wish You Knew About Dating What Women Wish You Knew About Dating What Women Wish You Knew About Dating

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Ever wanted to impress a girl? Like really impress the socks off her. So you acted all nice and professional, stated your job title and bought dinner without making any “mistakes”.

Well guess what… you probably screwed the whole night up.

Stop trying to impress women and actually impress women from now on.

Here’s How

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 That’s who you want to be
NOTE: women are DAM GOOD at spotting fools who try too dam hard to impress.


  • They are bombarded by men trying to hard all day long
  • At the office they get stared at by the tech guys
  • At the bars they get chatted up by the lame college dudes
    As a result women have got a really good eye for men they DONT want. This eye spots anyone that is trying too hard or just doesn’t have that swagger and confidence about them that carefree attitude and personality that is magnetic when used right….

    That’s who you want to be

    These guys know the game and don’t have to lift a finger to get women.

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     This is why the majority of men fai

    The only difference is how they are acting around women.

    Here are some things women don’t want you to do around them

  • Act nervous or hold back in conversation
  • Try to predict what they want to hear so you can impress them
  • Gloat about your job title in an obnoxious way
  • - Play it safe

    It is hard not to get those feelings of wanting to impress the women of your dreams. But continue to act like the fool and women will brush right past without noticing your existence.

    Yes this does seem somewhat counter intuitive but this is what works and this is why the majority of men fail.

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     She isn’t that impressive
    Here are some insights into what women want YOU to know about dating

    What you should do is keep the humour going – a great way to avoid awkwardness and maintain the authority is to use humour.

    There is a certain way to do this!

    This does NOT mean you read one liners off a piece of paper

    If you are not great with humour don’t use it. Forced jokes are worse than no jokes. You don’t need to be really funny just keep a relaxed atmosphere on the date. This may come down to date location choosing!

    Another great way to impress a girl without TRYING to impress them is to be a little cocky about how you go about the night.

    Once again there is a way to go about this, don’t be an arrogant dick about it but just subtly let her know that “she isn’t that impressive”.

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    Most guys drool over there dates all night. You are going to be “not that impressed” even though you ARE. Comment on her hair – and then throw in ,”but it’s probably a bit to blond for my liking”.

    She will NOT be expecting this sort of comment from you and she will be very attracted to the balls required to say it. It’s also about how you say it but this is not covered in this article.

    IF you are serious about this you are going to need to learn how to really act around women to instil a POWERFUL ATTRACTION towards you. The kind of attraction I am talking about will linger long after the other losers have come and gone with their same old same old approach.

    So as of now stop trying to impress women … It just doesn’t work, you may be living proof of this. Go do yourself a favor and download yourself a free trial of the online eBook “Double Your Dating”, and read it.

    It contains literally DOZENS and dozens of great techniques for you to use that will make women feel ATTRACTION for you. (By the way, on page 96 of my eBook I share another KILLER tip about how to impress a woman, without trying to. This one tip corrects a deadly mistake almost EVERY man makes with women – you’ll see what I mean…)

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